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For the past forty years, Aardwolf Bail Bonds has been recognized as one of the top, most reliable, speedy, compassionate and thorough names in the Bail Bond Industry. All this while being sensitive to the confidentiality of our clients throughout the process. Ray Ruiz (President/Owner) of Aardwolf Bail Bonds (previously owned by Scott MacKenzie) brings a great deal of expertise to the Bail Bond Industry. With a background as a State Operations Manager for a nationwide company and as a Director of Investigation for a large Bail Bonds Company in California, he realizes what it takes to separate Aardwolf Bail Bonds from the competition.

Aardwolf Bail Bonds understands the support of our clients does not stop after the bond is posted. At Aardwolf Bail Bonds, we ensure our clients get home safe after their release by driving them home. Knowing many of our clients are nervous during their court process, we will attend their court dates in support upon request. All free of charge—because we value our clients.

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All Surety Insurers with whom all bail agencies are supported by for their bonds, are required to file their rates with the Department of Insurance that we’re all licensed under. Aardwolf Bail Bonds is one of the few bail bond agencies that is authorized to offer an 8% rate in addition to the standard 10%.

Standard Premium Rate

8% Qualified Premium Rate

We are happy to offer the 8% premium rate to our customers who meet the following qualifications:

(831) 425-5139

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